Rehab South is one of the few independently owned physical therapy clinics in the Chattanooga area. We are focused on compassionate care that achieves optimal outcomes. Rehab South utilizes state of the art treatment techniques and equipment in a cost effective manner. Under the direction of a physician, Rehab South uses a hands-on approach enabling patients to progress to a quality of life encompassing their highest potential for health and function.

Basic Services include:
• Outpatient orthopedics with focus on manual treatment
• Aquatic therapy monitored by a certified aquatic therapist
• Licensed massage therapist

Our Specialized Programs include:
• Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Post Polio and Lymphedema programs
• Chronic Pain Management
• Fall, Balance and Gait Training
• Chronic Headache Management
• Pulmonary/Cardiac Rehab
• Orthopedic Manual Therapy by certified provider

Rehab South is a Medicare provider and approved for most major insurance plans. Rehab South offers a full range of physical therapy services including having a certified aquatic therapist on staff.

Charlie Jones, MS, PT, COMT, Clinic Director and Owner