Rehab South uses state of the art hydrotherapy with our AquaCiser II Underwater Treadmill. More than just an underwater treadmill, the AquaCiser II uses the water's natural buoyancy – and resistance to provide a safe and comfortable therapeutic environment. With the AquaCiser II, patients otherwise limited by pain, weakness, or weight-bearing restrictions, can begin to develop strength much earlier in the rehabilitative process.

We have a certified aquatic therapist on staff. Adjustable water temperature, depth, treadmill direction, speed and hydro-jets allow us to customize aquatic therapy for each individual patient.

The AquaCiser II offers easy access for patients with limited mobility. Once the patient is comfortably seated, the chamber is filled with warm water. An automatic chlorine system ensures a sanitized water supply. We test the water supply daily and disinfect the exercise chamber after each patient use.

Who can benefit from using the AQUACISER II?
People with the following conditions:

Joint Replacement
Sports Injuries
Orthopedic Injuries
Chronic Pain
Neurological Impairments (MS, Stroke, etc)
Gait Dysfunctions
Post Polio