Falls account for about two-thirds of the serious injuries and mortalities among the elderly, and research has shown that an individual can decrease the risk of falling with an appropriate exercise program.

Rehab South's comprehensive balance and gait rehabilitation program is designed to help reduce the risk of falls. Patients who are at risk and may need balance and gait rehabilitation include those with:

• History of previous falls.
• History of stroke.
• Multiple attempts or requiring push/pull assistance to rise from sit to stand, or supine to sit.
• Loss of balance or unsteadiness when first standing.
• Shuffling or irregular walking pattern.
• Use of cane or walker.
• Change in medications or behavior.
• Vision or hearing problems.
• Confusion or disorientation.
• Low blood pressure on standing.

If you observe these factors, notify your nursing director or physician for physical therapy evaluation. A physician's referral is required for admission to our programs.

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